?????? The vegan POTLUCK ??????

Datum: So, 20.06.21 18:00 - 20:00
8000 Zürich, Hardaupark
Rubrik: Kulinarisches
?????? The vegan POTLUCK ??????
Beschreibung: Excellent news we can hold out Vegan potlucks again in person :). Because of the nice weather and ongoing indoor restrictions, we are going to host this event in the Hardau Park, Zurich. As its a public park we will need to be a little flexible. We will aim to get a table undercover and there are toilets near by.

We are very excited to have vegan entrepreneur Monika Burkhard from her company, the first fully vegan and natural cosmetic studio in Zurich, as a guest speaker for this event. Learn more about her journey from working in the pharmaceutical industry to now running a truly sustainable business. Monika will give her short talk on interesting and problematic aspects of the cosmetics industry and will introduce you to the world of natural cosmetics. There will be a curated selection of vegan cosmetics for you to learn about and buy on the night.

- 18:00: start arriving
- 18:20: introduction round
- 18:30: dinner buffet style
- 19.00: Conversation and Q&A
- 20:00: end of event

- A vegan dish (savoury or sweet) for at least 4 people
- Your own plate, fork and glass/cup & Serving utensils for your dish
- If unable to prepare a dish, a good thing to buy is fresh fruit for dessert

You don''t have to be a vegan to attend; however, the dish you bring should not contain any animal products: i.e. no meat, poultry, fish, milk, butter, cheese, eggs, chicken/beef stock or gelatin. Please ask if you have any questions.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!

Tyrone, Faina & Patricia

Monika Burkhard
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Angaben zur Lokalität: - Hardau Park, Zurich right behind the Migros Supermarkt
- Big monument looks like a slingshot, we will be at the tables
- should you get lost, call Tyrone on +41 78 213 78 22.

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