13th Historical Sociolinguistics Network Conference HiSoN

Datum: Mi, 05.06.24 - Fr, 07.06.24
Hauptgebäude, Rämistrasse 71, 8006 Zürich, Universität Zürich
Rubrik: Diverses
13th Historical Sociolinguistics Network Conference HiSoN
Beschreibung: Over the past decades, historical sociolinguistics has grown and diversified considerably, contributing to our increasingly multifaceted understanding of language histories. Two key themes that have emerged as overarching research directions in the field are linguistic diversity and linguistic uniformity. On the one hand, historical sociolinguists have studied and uncovered many different facets of linguistic diversity in past societies. These include aspects of both individual and societal multilingualism, historical settings of language contact and conflict, the social embedding of language variation and change, and so on. Diversity in historical sociolinguistics has also been foregrounded by drawing on sources from different genres and domains, and by including language users, networks and communities from a wide range of social backgrounds, regions and periods. On the other hand, historical sociolinguistics has a strong research tradition that focuses on linguistic uniformity. Scholars in the field have addressed topics related to language standardization processes, prescriptivism and purism, and of course language norms more generally, as well as underlying ideologies and beliefs. By investigating socio-historical and linguistic developments in different regions, periods and comparatively across languages, both ‘from above’ and ‘from below’, traditional models and theories of standardization have been rethought and refined. While diversity and uniformity may be considered as two opposite poles, they could equally be interpreted as two complementary perspectives on language histories. Therefore, in addition to research concentrating on either linguistic diversity or uniformity, we warmly welcome submissions that tackle the complex interplay between linguistic diversity and uniformity in times past.
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