2nd European Congress on Cancer Science & Oncology

Datum: Mo, 28.09.20
Lindberg-Platz 1, 8152 Glattbrugg, Hotel Novotel Zurich Airport Messe
Rubrik: Diverses
2nd European Congress on Cancer Science & Oncology
Beschreibung: Oncology congress is an initiative to unite the diverse researchers and business communities working in the field of cancer under one roof to understand the underlying cancer procedures, current treatments which can be amended to increase effectiveness, precision, survivability and quality of life in cancer patients. It is not a single disease to combat. Hence, there is a need for inter-disciplinary search globally: on how cancers develop, how to detect cancers at an early stage, how to design new anti-cancer therapies with greater efficiency, how to evaluate cancer risk and how to prevent cancer from arising.

Our conference includes plenary lectures, keynote lectures and short courses by eminent personalities from around the world. Contributed papers includes, we also have oral presentations, poster presentations, video presentations and E-posters. This International Cancer Conference will help participants to learn the fundamentals of cancer science and to develop new skills necessary to envision and design cutting-edge cancer research projects that can contribute to high impact cancer research and cancer care.

About Us
Conferences are not just about discussion, but to connect people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities. The key motto of Coalesce Research Group is to unite the Energy of Like-Minded Individuals to mould the future of research which will shape the future of the world. Coalesce Research Group is the key to unlock the doors of innovation. Hence, Coalesce Research Group will be a unique platform to sharpen your skill to achieve your goals. Diverse and innovative.

Our Mission
- To provide best platform for learning
- To promote a culture where the professionals will show the path to novices
- Networking Opportunities to cultivate mutual communications
Veranstalter: Coalesce Research Group
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