Eric Constantin

Datum: Sa, 21.09.24 20:30 - 23:00
Rue de Plane-Ville 24, 1955 Chamoson, Espace Johannis
Rubrik: Ausstellungen (Kunst / Kultur)
Eric Constantin
Beschreibung: Eric Constantin, member of Les Dicodeurs on La Première, accepts a simple mission: to make people love and understand literature BY ANY MEANS. Everything''s on the agenda: the failed lecture, songs, children''s toys, imagining Phèdre as a soccer match... Between stand-up, lessons and sketches, he shares anecdotes and teacher''s anxieties, or illustrates figures of speech with music. We tell you: EVERY WAY!

An hour of laughter and culture, crazy energy, encounters with texts and excerpts with a big smile, lots of passions but also moments of life!'

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Veranstalter: Plattform Kultur Wallis
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