LiDAR in mobile phones

Datum: Mi, 23.06.21 19:00 - 22:00
1008 Prilly, Route de Renens 24
Rubrik: Wissen, Informatik & Umwelt
LiDAR in mobile phones
Beschreibung: In this presentation we will present some of the existing consumer devices that are equipped with LiDAR sensors and thus able to measure directly in 3D. Although those devices are primarily made for consumer applications, the question does arise how useful they are in a professional context. Accuracy, limitations, 3D modeling of bigger than teddy bear objects, drift, absolute accuracy and GPS are one of the topics we had a closer look at and that we would like to present. Soon everybody will have a LiDAR device in his hand. Will they be adopted by professionals? What is required to do so? Which markets will make use… are some of the interesting questions that we hope to touch in the discussion.

The number of on-site participants will be limited to respect social distancing measure. There will be a possibility to follow online.

The presentation will be followed by an apéro sponsored by Christoph Strecha.

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