Mountain Session

Datum: Sa, 31.08.24 08:00 - 16:00
1969 St-Martin VS, Cabane des Becs de Bosson
Rubrik: Weitere Veranstaltungen
Mountain Session
Beschreibung: Here''s a new take on the popular alpine hike - not just a short stroll, but a real hike that takes you right up to the summits! A meeting between two of the canton''s most emblematic valleys, the Val d''Hérens and the Val d''Anniviers, with a choice of hike or long hike! The apotheosis, the finale, the gift, is an exceptional concert at 3,000 m altitude. It''s up to you to choose your favorite side, your favorite valley. Be careful, it''s uphill!

Accessible on foot only. Beware, this is a high-mountain hike with a steep gradient for good walkers.

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Veranstalter: Plattform Kultur Wallis
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