NLP for Communication, Creating more choice and Building Resilience

Datum: Mi, 28.10.20 18:00 - 20:00
4000 Basel, Inspire Coaching GmbH
Rubrik: Weitere Veranstaltungen
Beschreibung: Yes the BASEL NLP Meetup is happening again and will build momentum this time. No previous knowledge of NLP is necessary so if you are just curious you''re in the best place.

Do come along.

There is but one rule, and that is, if you say you will be here you must either be here or let me know you have decided to go for drinks on the Rhine, or a swim or one of a myriad of other distractions before the Meetup starts. It''s just polite that''s all.

Bring only your curiosity and CHF10:00

Angaben zur Lokalität: Next to Domino Pizza (classy I know). Buzzer inside 64, and there''s a lift /elevator to 5th floor.

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10.0 EUR
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