On Labs Run Club with Athletic Performance Breathwork

Datum: Mi, 06.09.23 18:15 - Mi, 27.09.23 19:30
Förrlibuckstrasse 190, 8005 Zürich, On Headquarters
Rubrik: Sport
On Labs Run Club with Athletic Performance Breathwork
Beschreibung: Boost your athletic performance with pre-running breathwork. Matthias from keur will guide you through invigorating breathing exercises to improve your body''s oxygen-carrying capacity, simulate high altitude training, and energize the body for running. Experience the thrill of enhanced endurance and mental focus as you unlock your full potential on the trail. Get ready to breathe your way to greatness!

Join the FREE On Run Club, every week at 18.15, and run some of Zurich’s favorite running routes, testing out the latest additions to our collection. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned ultra-marathon runner, there’s endless support available from fellow guests and our hosts.

Test shoes will be available at the store, run coaching, fun crowd to run with, refreshments after the run, music...
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Veranstalter: keur
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