Sandrine Piau, soprano - Les Paladins

Datum: So, 10.11.24 17:00
Rue de la Cathédrale 13, 1950 Sion, Cathédrale de Sion
Rubrik: Weitere Veranstaltungen
Sandrine Piau, soprano - Les Paladins
Beschreibung: Handel is one of Sandrine Piau''s favorite composers: 'While I have played light-hearted, whirling heroines in the past, this program portrays powerful, often battered women.

'Queens, magicians, sirens, we were attracted by the musical and emotional intensity of the hopes, disappointments and sufferings of these women, not forgetting the malice and cruelty they also know how to display', continues Jérôme Correas, the soprano''s long-standing accomplice and musical director of Les Paladins.

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Veranstalter: Plattform Kultur Wallis
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