ZH3 Saturday Hash #1346:

Datum: Sa, 03.07.21 13:45 - 16:45
Rubrik: Zusammenleben & Lebenshilfe
Beschreibung: Hares are Big Dick ''n'' Fries and Facial Discrimination. Details TBC.

Meet at 1.45pm to start at 2.00pm. There will be a charge of CHF5.00 for participating.

Here''s what you need to know about the Hash:

We will be following all of the restrictions put in place by the BAG/FOPH to control the spread of the new coronavirus. This means:
• Masking up is mandatory any time you are inside or unable to keep your distance from other hashers or members of the public. This includes circle and bag drop.
• Hashes are currently limited to 15 people. When numbers permit, we may run two hashes on the same night, so keep an eye out for new events.
• The waitlist is seeing a lot more action than usual. We encourage you to join because spaces often become available. Once on the list, though, please remember to check whether you have been allocated a slot right up to the day of the hash. You won''t necessarily get a notification!
• Because there is such a high demand for spaces, it is important that you update your attendance if you cannot come for any reason (preferably with 48 hours'' notice).

More generally:

• The aim of the hash is to find the beer stop at the end and have fun.
• 'True' trail is typically 6-7km.
• The pace within the group varies from dead-slow movers (we call them DFLs) to over-achieving fast runners (we call them FRBs)
• The 'hare' cleverly lays the trail so that everyone reaches the end at the same time.
• If you are a slow runner, you will clock around 7kms.
• If you are a quick runner you will clock around 10kms.
• If you are a walker you will be dedicated to the cause, ignore trail and take the shortest route possible to get to the beer.
• There is always a place to deposit your bag and often a place to change.
• There is a charge of CHF5 for participating (and includes beer and snacks).
• If you like fun, drinking and doing something a bit different you willprobably enjoy hashing. Humourless people need not apply.

For more about Zürich Hash House Harriers, check out ( )

Want to know more about the origins of hashing? follow this link ( )

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